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Next Arts & Social Network Event: Miro Exhibition at the Tate Modern on the 22nd July - Emergence Plus

Big thanks to everyone who came along to the V&A last week I hope you enjoyed yourselves? 

All reports talk of a rich afternoon brought together through the variety of work and new levels of appreciation that came out of Anne's tour… many thanks to her for supplying so many insights into the the hows and whys that gave birth to the aesthetes… 

If you missed it the show runs till the 17th  of the month… everyone got so much out of this one so it’s worth putting the effort in if you can.

Next up we have the much-anticipated visit to the MIRO show at Tate Modern… I have to say Liz always makes it special for us…she was there to spur us on at the first event back in 2009 when only a handful of people turned up.  By the end of the evening though intimacy of experiencing the work together even in a smaller group was so rewarding it gave us the momentum we needed to shift up the gears in 2010 and get us to where we are today and where we will be going on the 22nd… (of July)

For more information go to And a BBC report on the show with some one representing the new face of 21st century elitism here:


Arts & Social Network Evaluation

We also wanted to say how much we have all appreciated getting all the feedback on the Network for the evaluation we are undertaking at the moment. Thank you very much if you have completed the survey - we are very grateful.  If you haven't and are willing to, you can either complete the survey online – see the link below, which should take a few minutes, or if you email us your name and address we will send you a paper version, with a prepaid envelope for you to return it in.  We are also happy to talk over the phone or meet with you to help you complete the survey. If you would prefer this, please call us to make arrangements on: 020 8233 2854/5.  As part of this evaluation, we will be running a separate workshop at the Tate Modern to look at future developments in the summer. We will let you know about this nearer the time. 

We would like to offer everybody who completes the survey an opportunity to be entered into a draw to win £25 worth of vouchers of their choice. To enter in the draw please email us at  or phone us on 020 8233 2854/5 to let us know you have completed the questionnaire and we will add your details to the draw.

We would also like to interview a small number of people to explore issues related to the Arts & Social Network in more detail. If you would be willing to be contacted with more information about this, please let us know at the email or telephone number above.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Please click on the following link to go to the survey: 

We would be very grateful if you could complete the survey in the next two weeks.

All best wishes

Andy, Steph, Fiona, Belinda, Jo and Renata